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Modern Church Leader

Jul 28, 2020

Like most church leaders during this pandemic, keeping morale high within your church staff and congregation has been more trying than ever. With being miles away from one of the biggest COVID hotspots in the world, Central Jersey Church of Christ has chosen to keep moving forward during one of the darkest seasons anyone has seen in a long time. 

On today’s episode of Modern Church Leader’s COO, Frank Barry and Johnny Rivera, Senior Evangelist at Central Jersey Church of Christ talk about How to Have Tough Conversations About Race in Church along with the importance of never underestimating God, even during a pandemic.

  • How to host a live and interactive devotional with your whole church
  • How to talk about race and have meaningful group conversations 
  • Keeping hope at the forefront of your community
  • Staying grateful in times of hardship
  • How to help those who have been hit hardest in the pandemic
  • Learning to heal with the Word of God

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